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Peter A Blacksberg attended the NTID summer interpreter program in 1973 and graduated with a BFA in Photography from RIT in 1975. He considers learning sign language at NTID a positive life changing experience and participated in the first theater production as a voice actor in 1974. He continued to interpret part-time for deaf friends and professional clients for another 14 years., including interpreting at Georgetown University Law Center and San Jose City College.

He became part of the computer graphics revolution in Silicon Valley in the 1980s, then returned to New Jersey in 1990 to manage Riverside Cemetery and earned his MBA from Columbia University in 1993. He retired in 2018. He is an avid photographer and contributing alumnus to RIT.

In 2018, Peter was executive producer of Portraits of Planet: Photographer in Space, held on the RIT Campus, featuring a visit from astrophotographer, NASA astronaut Dr. Donald R Pettit.

Peter remains committed to guiding college students through live demonstrations and through curriculum from Next Great Step, which is aimed at bridging the gap from college to the workplace.

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